About IAC Asia

Welcome to the International Academic Competitions Asian Division homepage! IAC is a network of over a dozen separate academic competitions, all of which have been founded since 2010. IAC’s staff administers and oversees events in over 60 separate countries, and is deeply committed to the growth and development of academic competition. Please explore our website to learn more about our competition opportunities for you and your school. For further information on any of our competitions in Asia, please email the Director of International Academic Competitions’ Asian Division, Mr. Suopeng Gao at suopeng@iacompetitions.com.

IAC Competitions for Students in Asia

IAC has been administering competitions in Asia and Oceania since 2011. The following competitions are available to students in Asia and Oceania:

International History Bee and Bowl

The International History Bee and Bowl are two academic quiz competitions with a history focus (the Bee is for individual students, the Bowl is for teams) that are held throughout Asia each school year. All IHBB events are held in English and feature comprehensive questions on all aspects of history. We pride ourselves on running competitions that are well-designed, logistically smooth, fair to all participants, and intellectually stimulating. We firmly believe that academic competitions can help students develop confidence, deepen historical understanding, and lead to friendships formed at tournaments. University admissions officers also are often keenly interested in past participation and achievements in academic competitions.

International Science Bee

The International Science Bee is a science quiz competition for individual students. The Science Bee consists of the Online Regional Qualifying Exam, Regional Finals, and Divisional Championships. Questions may cover any discipline in the field of science including, but not limited to, biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, earth science, astronomy, computer science, non-computational mathematics, and the history of science.

International Geography Bee

The International Geography Bee is a worldwide geography quiz competition, consisting of the Online Regional Qualifying Exam, Regional Finals, Divisional Championships, and the biennial International Geography Championships. The Regional Finals and Divisional Championships are entirely buzzer-based; the Championships is multifaceted and takes place over a week. The next International Geography Championships will take place in Ecuador in July 2024.