About the International History Bee and Bowl
The International History Bee and Bowl are two academic quiz competitions with a history focus (the Bee is for individual students, the Bowl is for teams) that are held throughout Asia each school year. Founded in 2010, IHBB organizes events now in over 25 countries around the world, including the annual Asian Championships and the biennial International History Olympiad. IHBB is administered by Mrs Nolwenn and Mr David Madden, a young married French-American couple, who oversee a staff of dozens of full and part time administrators, question writers, tournament directors, and other personnel.

All IHBB events are held in English and feature comprehensive questions on all aspects of history. We pride ourselves on running competitions that are well-designed, logistically smooth, fair to all participants, and intellectually stimulating. We firmly believe that academic competitions can help students develop confidence, deepen historical understanding, and lead to friendships formed at tournaments. University admissions officers also are often keenly interested in past participation and achievements in academic competitions.

For further details on the International History Bee and Bowl, please explore the website here and please contact our Director of International Operations, Mr. Suopeng Gao at suopeng@iacompetitions.com. Thanks, and we look forward to seeing you and your team at a tournament soon!

Stage 1: Regional Competitions
Regional competitions are held in-person in cities around Asia and online. Regional competitions are generally held between November and April. IHBB Asian Division holds 25 to 30 regional tournaments in different cities around Asia every school year. Top half of students and teams qualify for the annual Asian Championships. All regional tournaments are held on weekends and take place over one day.

IHBB also holds 2 online regional tournaments every school year, one in the Fall and another one in the Spring. Top 2/3 of students and teams from online regionals qualify for the annual Asian Championships.

Students and teams can compete in up to three regional tournaments every school year that run on different question sets.

Stage 2: Asian Championships
The Asian Championships of the International History Bee and International History Bowl will be held in conjunction with the Asian Championships of the International Academic Bee, International Academic Bowl, International Science Bee, and the International Geography Bee.

World Events
The International History Olympiad is a competition organized by International Academic Competitions which is designed to bring the top history students from around the world together for an unforgettable two weeks full of various competitions with a history-based theme, and a chance to meet students with similar interests and talents from around the world. The next International History Olympiad will be held in July 2025 (most likely in London).