About the International Science Bee

The International Science Bee is a science quiz competition for individual students. The Science Bee consists of the Online Regional Qualifying Exam, Regional Finals, and Asian Championships. Questions may cover any discipline in the field of science including, but not limited to, biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, earth science, astronomy, computer science, non-computational mathematics, and the history of science.

The International Science Bee consists of Varsity, Junior Varsity, Middle School, and Elementary divisions.

Stage 1: Online Regional Qualifying Exam

All students must first take the Online Regional Qualifying Exam (ORQE). ORQE consists of 50 multiple-choice questions and is free for all students. ORQE is a 50 question multiple-choice exam free for all students. A parent or teacher must first register as a sponsor on the ORQE site in order for their students to take the exam. A parent and teacher can sponsor multiple students. Qualifying scores will be determined by the results of all students who take the exam. Qualified students can compete in the Regional Finals. The ORQE exam will be open in September, and the exam will remain open until early May. Students must complete the ORQE before the registration deadline of the regional finals that they wish to compete in.

Stage 2: Regional Finals

Students who qualify through the ORQE can take part in the Regional Finals. Regional Finals are buzzer-based competitions that are held in-person or online. The top two-thirds of students from each division of the online regional finals and top half of students from each division of in-person regional finals will qualify for the annual International Science Bee Asian Championships.

Regional Finals are held between December and May each year. The International Science Bee is actively working to secure hosts for its in-person Regional Finals. If your school is interested in hosting a Regional Final, please contact us at suopeng@iacompetitions.com. We would be happy to discuss details with you.

Stage 3: Asian Championships

The Asian Championships of the International Science Bee will be held in conjunction with the Asian Championships of the International Academic Bee, International Academic Bowl, International Geography Bee, and the International History Bee and Bowl.

World Events

Highly qualified students can take part in the International Environmental and Climate Science Olympiad.

International Science Bee